Reflecting on a vision of Europe, Contribution of the Christian Churches
Wednesday 31.05.2017, 19:00

In his recent speech to the heads of state and government for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, Pope Francis emphasized the Christian inspiration of the founding fathers of the European Union.

Can the Christian churches of today also make a significant contribution to give new spirit and life to Europe?

60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome #EU60

Keynote Speaker: Ms Sylvie Goulard MEP ALDE


Mgr. Jean Kockerols Catholic Church Archidiocese Mechelen-Brussels.

Rev. Laurence Flachon United Protestant Church of Belgium Église Bruxelles-Musée


Fr. Martin Maier sj Jesuit European Social Centre

May the road rise up
to meet you
may the wind be
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