Evensong – Chant du soir – Avondzang

Musical meditation and evening prayer

Earthly work is done,
Earthly sounds are none ;
Rest in sleep and silence seeking,
Let me hear thee softly speaking ;
In my spirit’s ear
Whisper : ‘I am near’

Schon wirft die Erde sich zur Nacht
des dunklen Mantels Falten um.

Dusk is falling, and the day is now far spent. On the bridge between the work’s burdens and rest, the day takes a new, milder colour. Duties and tasks must rest, even though they often could not be completed. Much remains behind and will require new energies tomorrow.

At the threshold of the early evening hour, the Chapelle de la Résurrection offers a short liturgy of silence, of review, of gratitude and joy : Evensong – Chant du soir – Avondzang. In the glow of the candles and with the sounds of evening music, we pause, look gratefully on the gift of this day and put back our work with confidence into God’s hands. The evening is the hour of departure and conclusion. At the close of our working day and as we move into the evening, we ask God : “Hear O God, our glad thanksgiving for the blessings of your light.”


This series of services is suspended.

Que le vent soit toujours
derrière vous
Et la pluie tombe doucement
sur vos champs.