Monday 12 March 2012, 13:00
Léon and Elisa Tambour: Roma: a challenge for the society and for the churches?

Christian presence, signs of hope
Lunchtime Conferences at the Chapel of the Resurrection 2011/12

The Roma population, widely unloved and troubled by a history of rejection and discrimination, is little known. The romanticism it inspires, but especially the contempt or indifference it suffers, accentuate its "distance" from mainstream society.

What is necessary, both for Roma and for the churches and civil society is to find a path towards harmonious encounter, towards mutual understanding and enrichment. The gap between European rhetoric and action is both a major challenge and a notable indication of the reality of migration. A way forward will be respectful, humane and appropriate only if it derives from a profound change of mentality.

Elisa and Leon Tambour have been engaged for more than 40 years in"the field", through the association "Action Tsigane Keree Amende". They are also involved in the human and spiritual advancement of Roma communities. They are in daily contact with Roma. Their goal is to create an sphere of ​​freedom, truth and trust, to overcome mutual prejudices, and to create a new relationship based on respect for dignity and justice. Elisa and Leon Tambour are also co-founders of the International Catholic Committee for Gypsies, created in 1976.

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Christian Presence, Signs of the Resurrection is a public lecture series hosted by the Chapelle de la Résurrection in cooperation with the Jesuit European Social Centre.



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