Monday 16 January 2012, 1:00 p.m.
Jean Lecuit SJ : Christians and the poor - a mutual recognition

Christian presence, signs of hope
Lunchtime Conferences at the Chapel of the Resurrection 2011/12

From his birth in Bethlehem to his death on the cross, Jesus shared the life of the poor and despised. The Gospels show us that they recognized him as one who joined their expectation to participate in the life of their people. He himself recognized them as the only ones who had the intelligence of what he was (Mt 11.25). Even today, the poor consider him "one of us." What are the implications for anyone who puts his faith in Jesus Christ?

Jean Lecuit SJ, Jesuit priest, works for nearly 35 years at the Mouvement ATD (Agir Tous pour la Dignité, All Together for Dignity) Quart Mondeclosely with individuals and families living in extreme poverty and social exclusion. Publications: Un autre savoir, à l’école des plus pauvres (Editions Quart Monde) and Jésus misérable: la christologie du Père Joseph Wresinski (Collection Jésus et Jésus Christ, n°92, Ed. Mame -Desclée).

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Conférence Lecuit


Christian Presence, Signs of the Resurrection is a public lecture series hosted by the Chapelle de la Résurrection in cooperation with the Jesuit European Social Centre.



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