Monday 23 April 2012, 13:00
Peter Pavlovic: What Can Christian Faith Say to the Economy?

Christian presence, signs of hope
Lunchtime Conferences at the Chapel of the Resurrection 2011/12

Finance and debt crises in the EU has far reaching consequences. For a number of churches in Europe it was an occasion for stepping up their efforts in providing social assistance for most affected victims. The crisis has along with its social impacts, inevitable consequences on the functioning of banking sector, the eurozone, as well as on relations between the EU Member States. At the same time the crisis raises new questions about the future of the EU.

What are essential elements of the crisis which need to be taken into account from the viewpoint of churches? Has the crisis an impact on further perspectives of European integration? Should institutionalised solidarity play a more prominent role in the EU construction in looking for adequate responses to the crisis?

Peter Pavlovic, theologian, Study Secretary of the Church and Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches. Born in Slovakia, in his current position works on issues of economic and environmental justice involving churches from all over the continent. To the recent engagements belongs organising of a long term dialogue between churches from Europe and Latin America on impacts of economic globalisation and promoting sustainable economic governance.


Christian Presence, Signs of the Resurrection is a public lecture series hosted by the Chapelle de la Résurrection in cooperation with the Jesuit European Social Centre.



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