Monday 28 November 2011, 1:15 p.m.
Stefan Kessler : The Vicious Circle - Destitution of Migrants in Europe

Christian presence, signs of hope
Lunchtime Conferences at the Chapel of the Resurrection 2011/12

All over Europe, state policies completely exclude certain groups of migrants from any official assistance and leave them in distress and penury. Access to housing, health care, education, welfare and work are especially worrisome. These policies are violating the human rights of the affected migrants and cause severe social problems. Stefan Kessler of the Jesuit Refugee Service Europe (JRS) will present the main findings of his organisation’s research on this issue and the activities of a network that is advocating for Europe to ensure respect of human rights for everybody regardless of status.

Born in 1964 in Berlin, Germany, Stefan Kessler holds a “pre-Bologna” Master of Arts degree from the University of Cologne in history, economics and African studies. Since 1985 he is working in the field of migrant and refugee law. He joined the Jesuit Refugee Service Europe in 2002 and was JRS Germany’s policy officer before he came to Brussels. Here he works in the JRS Europe Regional Office as the Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer.

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JRS report: Living in Limbo
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JRS report: Invisible borders


Christian presence, signs of hope is a public lecture series hosted by the Chapelle de la Résurrection in cooperation with the Jesuit European Office.



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