Ignatian’s weekend retreat in silence
Friday 16.06. - Sunday 18.06.2017

More than 500 years ago, St. Ignatius Loyola identified the steps we need to follow to recognize God’s will for us in our lives.

Is it possible to find God in ours everyday life? Ignatian spirituality teaches that it most definitely is.

Discover for yourself how the practices and insights of Ignatian Weekend Retreat" can help you find God right where you are.

Place: European Center "La Foresta" (addres: Prosperdreef 9, 3054 Vaalbeek)

Price: 110 euro

contact, more information and registration:

registration list open till: Saturday 10.06.1017


Friday – 16.06.2017 6pm – 8pm: arrival and accommodation to “la Foresta”, dinner. 9.00pm – introduction to Evening prayer and to 1st Ignatian Meditation.
- evening prayer
- preparation for 1st Ignatian meditation
- sleep

Saturday – 17.06.2017
- 1st Ignatian Meditation + reflections 8-9am: breakfast 9.30 – 10.30am: conference and introduction for 2nd meditation
- 2nd meditation + reflections 12.30: lunch 1.30pm: introduction for 3rd Ignatian Meditation
- 3rd Ignatian Meditation + reflections
- walk, possibility for confession or spiritual talk, relax in God. 4pm: introduction for 4th Ignatian Meditation
- 4th Ignatian Meditation + reflections
- 6pm: dinner
- 7.00pm: Holly Mass
- 8.00 pm: introduction for repetitive meditation, for Examen (evening pray) and Sunday morning meditation (5th Ignatian Meditation)
- Repetitive Ignatian Meditation
- Preparation for Sunday meditation
- Examen (evening prayer)
- Sleep

Sunday – 18.06.2017
- 5th Ignatian Meditation + reflection 8-9am: breakfast 9.00am – introduction for 6th meditation
- 6th Ignatian meditation + reflections
- 11.00am – Mass with individual or common reflections
- 12.30am: lunch
- 1pm-3pm: return to Brussels

May the road rise up
to meet you
may the wind be
always at your back

Document to download
"L’homélie du Mgr Jozef De Kesel, Archevêque de l’Archidiocèse de Malines-Bruxelles lors de la célébration du 15ème Anniversaire de l’inauguration oecuménique de la Chapelle pour l’Europe au service des milieux européens. Bruxelles, 28 septembre 2016"


Conference to download
"Role of Christians in Today’s Europe"

The keynote speech of Herman Van Rompuy

Conference to download
"Is God 5G compatible?"

Presentations from Ms. Erin Green (CEC Comunication Coord) and Daniel Izuzquiza SJ ( Dir. Digital Magazines) [EN]

Agenda July 2017

Every Thursday:
Ecumenical Prayer Lunch
The next Prayer Lunch
Thursday, 29.06.2017, 13:00
Led by Chapel Team (Anglican/Catholic/Protestant Church)

Ignatian Prayer Group
Friday 02.06, 23.06 and 30.06- 18:00

European Mass for Young Professionals
Sunday 04.06 and 18.06.2017 - 19:00

Christian Meditation Group
Monday, 05.06,19.06 and 26.06.2017 - 19:00

Actualité de la théologie de la libération

Three Narratives of Capitalism

Audition - Concert de Harpe
Samedi 10.06.20147-14:30

Photography Exhibition
Inspire Change
Monday, 12.06.2017, 18:00

Plug into the Power of Prayer : 3rd get-together
Wednesday 14.06.2017, 18:30

Ignatian’s weekend retreat in silence
Friday 16.06. - Sunday 18.06.2017

Summer Concert - Choir of Seamen’s Mission in Brussels
Sunday, 18.06.20147-15:00

Movie Night
"The Bucket List"
Wednesday, 21.06.2017 - 19:00

Messe pour les enfants animée par les parents
Sunday, 25.06.2017 - 11:00

Anglican Communion Service
Tuesday, 27.06.2017 - 12:15

Orthodox Midday Prayer
Wednesday 28.06.2017 - 12:30