Thursday 19 July 2012, 19:00
Ecumenical Service: Farewell to Ilsemarie Weiffen rscj


After more than three years, Ilsemarie Weiffen rscj completes her term as Pastoral Director of the Chapel of the Resurrection. The varied service she has given to this role range from management, communications and fund-raising to spiritual guidance and the organisation of liturgical celebrations. In her faithful and profound commitment to this mission she undertook major reforms to the life of the Chapel, and witnessed to a lived ecumenism in the heart of Brussels’s European quarter.

Every good-bye is a celebration of relationship. We will celebrate, in gratitude, the relationships that Ilsemarie has created and nurtured: An ecumenical service – presided by Peter Knauer SJ (Catholic Church) and Reinhard Weißer (Lutheran Church in Germany) – will be followed by a verre d’adieu.



May the road rise up
to meet you
may the wind be
always at your back